Dallas-Fort Worth represents one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, and in an industry where it can be hard to differentiate between agents, Jessica Koltun is doing things differently. Her firm offers a turnkey experience that fuses the services of a traditional agent with those of an expert designer – a unique twist that’s been making waves in Dallas and producing some amazing properties for her clients. 

Koltun’s unique value proposition focuses on seeing properties for what they could be, rather than just what they are, and then turning those visions into a reality by managing all phases of remodeling – from demo to decor. 

For her sellers, Koltun goes beyond being a traditional realtor and offers the keen eye of a designer, recommending and managing upgrades that will maximize the profit on their home sale. For her buyers, she uses her vision and talent for unlocking a space’s hidden potential to ensure they walk away with their dream home instead of just a house. 

That’s a big motivator for Koltun, who loves putting people in truly great spaces. Whereas many realtors are drawn to the field by the potential for healthy incomes, Koltun was drawn in by the chance to put two of her biggest passions to work. 

“What I’m really doing is mixing real estate and pleasure,” Koltun said. “I love design and I love real estate, so the chance to combine my two passions where I can be creative and also business savvy is a dream come true.”

And unlike a lot of agents, she loves houses even when she isn’t on the clock. “I could look at houses all day,” she said. “I go to new listings all the time just to check out the designs!”

She also cites the chance to compete with herself as another big motivator. Always aiming to create unique, beautiful properties that new owners will love, Koltun also sets out to break neighborhood sales records on every single house she sells, whether it’s for a client or one of her own investment properties. 

“It keeps me excited to get to the job site every single day.”

While her business model and the opportunities and challenges it affords her are certainly unique, Koltun is somewhat of a rarity herself in an industry in which women are highly underrepresented.